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Individual and group classes

Supporting young people's mental health with mindfulness and meditation

6 week courses to learn how to reduce anxiety, manage anger, enhance resilience and build concentration and attention. Separate classes for teenagers. One to one mindfulness sessions on request.

6-week course introducing mindfulness for teenagers

Teenage brains are growing and developing rapidly. This can be a time of great change both physically and mentally. Coping with change can be challenging at the best of times, and this has never been more so with a pandemic playing havoc with our normal lives. This course introduces mindfulness and meditation to teenagers in a safe space to learn how to manage anxiety, anger and healthy responses to an ever-changing world.

While small children are naturally mindful beings, over time they become less mindful as the business of modern life and education begin. Mindfulness is simply being with what is happening in the present moment, without judging what is happening. Mindfulness has been shown to have helpful effects on sleep, concentration and attention; to help with holding big emotions including anger and anxiety when they arise, and to help build connections in the growing brain.

This 6-week course is offered online for an hour a week.

Weekly content includes:

  • mindful movement

  • mindful breathing

  • activities to integrate left and right brain

  • exercises to help with big emotions

  • developing compassion and kindness towards ourselves and others


Before the course commences, Cara will talk with the parent or guardian about their teenager’s needs, and go through child protection policies, safeguarding, consent and the course content.

Places are limited to allow the online space to become a personal space. 


Foundation Level Connected Kids

Teach your young person mindfulness and meditation

Learn how to deliver an unscripted meditation with your young person. This heart centred approach fosters connection between you. Learn mindful activities which reduce anxiety, build resilience and build connections in the brain. The foundation level course supports parents and teachers with children with special needs in addition to neurotypical children. The one day Foundation level course stands alone and acts as Day 1 of 3 days to learn how to teach young people mindfulness and meditation professionally (certificate and CPD, accredtied by IMMA).

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Professional Level Connected Kids

Learn to teach children and adolescents professionally

Professional Level Connected Kids. This 3 day course leads to certification to teach kids and teens mindfulness and meditation professionally following an assessment. This course is accredited by the International Mindfulness and Meditation Association (IMMA). CPD points available. The course can be taken over two days with prior completion of the Foundation level. Learn how to work professionally with children and adolescents. People with this certification work in schools, in the youth sector and privately teach children mindfulness and meditation. This course enables people to work with neurotypical children, children with ADHD and children on the autistic spectrum.

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Privacy policy and child protection policy available in the resources section. Email with any queries or to book a course

Meditation Class

Individual and group classes

Supporting mental health with mindfulness and meditation

6 week course for teenagers learning how to reduce anxiety, manage anger, enhance resilience and build concentration and attention. There are separate 6 week courses for younger children. One to one mindfulness sessions on request.

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